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Top 3 Best Online Loan Companies In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Finance' started by serome, Jul 4, 2019.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Have seen some proudnairans asking about loan companies in Nigeria such as where can one get a loan easily without collateral in Nigeria. One this thread I want to share with whoever cares small companies that office loan in Nigeria and how you can get loan online in Nigeria without going to their company.

    Yes don't be surprise there are many loan companies like that in Nigeria and I will share with you the three most used loan company in Nigeria.

    List of small loan companies to get loan without collateral in Nigeria

    1. Branch Loan Company
    Branch personal finance give individuals to solve their financial issues for a while but their loan duration is not long at all. If you need to solve money problem or you suddenly run into urgent need for money and you are at of cash at the moment you can get a loan from Branch Loan Company.

    At first Branch loan will offer you only 1500 naira that they will require you pay before 7days and if you meet up with the payment then they will increase the amount you can collect next to N3000 naira, this is how they will keep increasing your chances if payment is meet up with on time.

    To get branch loan you must first download branch loan app to your phone and then register using you details.

    Process of registration on BRANCH app is quite easy and more stressfree compared to other loan companies in In Nigeria.

    2. Renmoney
    Remoney is more like branch and loan can be obtain try just the company app. With remoney you can get a loan up to 3M Naira but their requirement are much more than every other online loan companies in the country.

    To get loan from renmoney you must have a salary account or registered business account and some other requirements.

    3. Palmcredit Loan
    This is another loan company that offer loan to individuals for different purposes. Depending on your need for money you can get loan from this company easy. All you have to do is download the app, register with your details and then you are good to get a loan within 25minutes.

    This is the top online loan companies in Nigeria that you can get easy loan from without stress. Note that each of the companies required you to enter you bank details and bvn for tracking or loan.


    Among all the online loan companies in Nigeria, the best and easiest to acquire loan from still remains BRANCH LOAN
  2. Angela

    Angela Member

    This is amazing, thanks a lot sir. I will always want to add that getting loan through Fairmoney is a good source to get money in Nigeria, my sister has gotten loan from them and they offer more reasonable amount of loan. You can check playstore for FairMoney

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