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Top Businesses In Nigeria You Can Startup Easily And Earn Huge Profits

Discussion in 'General Business' started by olise, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. olise

    olise New Member

    Top Businesses in Nigeria you can easily do and earn huge profits.

    According to a post on startupbusiness.com.ng, here is a list of top businesses in Nigeria everyone can get into no matter how little your capital is.

    1. Bakery
    Opening a bakery is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria right now. Your bakery does not have to be limited to bread alone but you can start from there >>>>see full details

    In a survey carried out online by a group of enthusiasts, it was revealed that bread is the second most consumed snack in Nigeria and the third most popular food staple in almost all parts of the world.

    They also noticed that the demand for bread would rise exponentially in the coming years due to the rapidly expanding population in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. This means more money too spend, more mouths too feed and an available labor force ready for work. So there is an unlimited array of consumers just ready to purchase as much as you can produce. Click to see full details about the Bakery business including how to start and operate

    2. Restaurant/Eatery or Fast Food
    No matter how bad the economy of a country is or how poor majority of the people in it might be, they must eat.
    Food is not just a requirement for human survival it’s a necessity.

    The restaurant business is one of the best businesses not just in Nigeria but in the whole world as a whole. Food companies like Mac Donalds and KFC chickens are among the richest companies in the world.

    An advantage of this business is that it is very easy to start and does not require much capital. The most important or basic thing is that you hire a good cook or be a good cook if you want to run it personally.

    3. Agriculture
    Agriculture used to be an overlooked sector in Nigeria until recently when it became clear that the Nigerian economy could no longer survive on Crude Oil alone and that there was an over-reliance on the product.

    Crude oil was first discovered in oloibiri, a region in the Niger-delta. Before then, Agriculture was the main source of income and economic growth for the country. Gross mismanagement, militancy and lack of proper development of the oil refineries in Nigeria has led to Nigeria once again depending on the Agricultural sector and seeking for its development.

    Economic Benefits of Agricultural Businesses
    The government of Nigeria knows how important the Agricultural sector is to the economy of the country hence loans and grants are easily accessible and quickly granted to people who present Agric related proposals or projects.

    The following are examples of business you can engage in under the Agricultural Sector;

    Poultry Farming
    This is a very common and good business in Nigeria. There is no shortage of customers as people consume chickens and egg everyday. There are also restaurants that need daily or weekly supply of these chickens all you need do is locate them and supply them. read more details about poultry farming, how to start and all you need know.

    Catfish Farming
    Catfish like poultry is also a very good and lucrative business as there is an overload of customers looking to buy Catfish either for personal consumption or to be used in restaurants, hotels and eateries.

    Rice Farming
    Rice Farming might not be among the top businesses in Nigeria, it does however have the potential to earn investors huge amount of money.

    Till date, rice remains the most consumed food staple in Nigeria with lots of money being spent on importation of rice from countries like Thailand and China due to the fact that local farmers in Nigeria are unable to meet up with the standard rice quality. You can change that!!!

    Pig Farming
    Piggery is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria with a potential to make lots of money. Pigs are needed for pork meat which is a widely consumed meat in Nigeria. They are also easy to rear which makes the business a very lucrative business.

    Snail Farming
    For those who cant engage in the other businesses above probably due to lack of capital you can choose to engage in Snail farming as a very low capital is needed.

    Reasons to go into snail farming;

    • Even as the capital investment needed for snail farming is low, it would still produce a very high yield.
    • There are very few people currently doing this business in Nigeria hence there is no much competition.
    • Most People currently doing snail farming are doing it on a very low scale, so if you decide to invest heavily in Snail farming you are sure to make a huge profit in a short while.
    4. Real Estate
    This is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria and the world as a whole. A lot of people have made billions of dollars from the real estate business. Donald Trump the president of US, was a very smart and rich business man who made most of his money from Real estate.

    A basic fact about real estate that makes it so Lucrative is the fact that Properties appreciate everyday. Currently, Nigeria is one the countries in the world where landed properties are very expensive. For instance, using Lagos as an example, if you buy any land in a rapidly developing area, you are sure of making 100% profit or even more within two years. You can either buy and quickly resell and make profit, Or you can buy keep and sell later making much more profit.

    However one little setback about this business is that you need a huge capital investment to really enjoy and make money from the business. The services of a lawyer would also be needed to confirm validity of properties. However a whole lot of money can be made from real estate

    5. Clothing Line/Fashion Designing
    There is no need for much explanation on this as the Clothing Line/Fashion Designing business is among the most common businesses in Nigeria. You can start with a small investment and grow your business.

    You can either start a fashion designing business i.e you design clothes and sell too customers, or you can run a boutique were you buy clothes and resell them.

    If you are very good at designing clothes, then go for fashion designing. If you are not so good at designing clothes but can spot a good design when you see one and also know how to sell them then running a boutique is the best call for you.

    Tips to succeed in the Clothing Line/Fashion Designing
    The Clothing Line/Fashion Designing is a very common business in Nigeria hence there are many competitors. You have to stand out if you want to stand a chance of being among the best or top sellers in the Country. Here are few tips that can guide you.

    For Boutique owners,

    • Be current with the latest trends
    • Have a good customer relationship
    • Advertise your clothes
    • Have good and quality clothes
    For Fashion Designers

    • Be up-to-date on the latest trends and designs
    • No matter the pay, always make unique clothes.
    For everybody who wants to go into the Clothing Line/Fashion Designing business you should take note of this. YOUR CLOTHES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. No matter how much you’re being payed (for fashion designers) or how much you need to buy the clothes (for resellers or boutique owners) make sure it is quality and has a good design. If you make a good clothe, whoever sees it on the body of the customer and appreciates it would want to know who designed it.

    Read More >>>https://naijabioworth.com.ng/top-businesses-in-nigeria-you-can-startup-easily-and-earn-huge-profits/

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