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Trump Said That Us Interest Rates Can Be Reduced To Negative Interest Rates

Discussion in 'General Business' started by jerry0910, Sep 12, 2019.


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  1. jerry0910

    jerry0910 New Member

    US President Trump re-introduced yesterday (11th) that the Federal Reserve should lower interest rates even lower interest rates, and the United States should start refinancing debt, and interest costs can be significantly reduced while extending the maturity. He believes that doing so can alleviate the burden of government debt.
    For a long time, Trump has been bombarding the interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman Powell, but this time the rate of interest rate cuts far exceeds the required percentage point and even thinks it can be reduced to negative interest rates. However, the interest rate policy is independent and will not be affected by outside speech.
    Looking back at the end of July this year, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced a one-digit (0.25%) rate cut, the interest rate target range is 2% to 2.25%, so the market is expected next week. The interest rate decision meeting is expected to drop more than 90% of the opportunity by more than 90%.

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  2. KevenGag

    KevenGag New Member

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