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Using E-commerce To Sell

Discussion in 'General Business' started by FLORMIKE, Jul 16, 2019.

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    FLORMIKE New Member

    It’s really just a fancy name for selling things online. First thing is to simply offer a way for customers to transfer money to your business through the web. You can easily add payment services like pay pal to your website that make online payment easy. They can pay through credit card or direct debit.

    If you are starting to sell online from scratch, you might try an “off – the – shelf” service that includes e-commerce, like square space or WordPress. These services not only accept payments, but they usually offer templates so you can easily add product pages to your website.

    E-Commerce often brings to mind a sort of retail or shop – like experience. Any business that sells products in a physical shop can also sell their products on a virtual shop online. You should include a lot of photos, detailed descriptions, customer reviews and even video of the products.

    After you’ve sorted out how to sell products on your own website, you want to sell more products in more places. So your next step might be to look into other online market places.


    1. Set up your online shop.

    2. Using part of your homepage to showcase products or even running online advertising campaigns with dedicated landing pages can be great way to merchandise online.

    3. Next up in product promotion and merchandising is finding ways to showcase products that your visitors may not have otherwise been working for. This can be really effective way to cross- sell.

    4. Promoting related products can help increase sales. You can create a virtual display as they enter your site.


    1. Ensuring that the purchasing process works smoothly on all the different devices your customers might use. This means that more than just laptops and desktop computers.

    2. Implement a responsive design into your website. This type of design can adapt to different screen sizes.

    3. Include a search function on your website for people who prefer to search for something specific rather than browse through various categories and subcategories.

    4. You might add video of a craftsman in action or gallery of photos from various angles to help customers get a closer look at a particular product. Make sure those photos are professional quality and load quickly.

    5. You can also write up great descriptions and provide all kinds of details and measurements whatever helps customers feel confident that they are ready to buy.

    6. You might notice on your analytics data customers shop on your site and put products in carts, but then leave before completing their purchase. Encouraging customers to create an account can streamline the process so this happens less frequently in the future.

    7. As a customer completes an online purchase, you can allow them to store their shipping and billing information and payment preferences in an account on your site. This will also make future purchases that much easier.

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