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Ways Of Earning Cash Through Online Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 18, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Making money online is not new any longer, but the truth remains that a few are still unaware of the various ways one can make money online. Making money online is a stress free job, especially when you love what you do and of course having it backed with determination and enthusiasm to do it.

    Online money making opportunities involves; creating videos, talking in front of the camera, short comedy clips and films etc.

    You can sell your products online by making a video and telling people about your products or goods. If it is a skill you have, you can also tell the audience what it is you do.

    Moreso, whatever you wish to do has to be captivating, the audience has to like what you do. An interacting session should be created between you and the audience; you can share your ideas, sell your products or goods, you can advertise and make your skill known to the audience to get viewers. You can do almost any business you wish online, how? Here is how.

    Ways you can earn online:


    Vlogs or vlogging involves regularly recording and publishing videos of your everyday life. If you have a large audience on YouTube, this can be a very easy way to create YouTube content because you can broadcast yourself unedited and connect with your followers on personal grounds.

    A lot of YouTubers make money from vlogging about their families, school, travels, fitness sessions, picnics, etc. People have literally quit their jobs and took on vlogging full time., especially because it is easy to start and has a very high earning potential.

    Tech Videos:

    These days, it is not just me. Millions of people go on YouTube to watch reviews about the latest phone or learn about a phone they plan to buy.

    If you’re a Techy person, then Tech videos are definitely the niche for you. You can get some high-end devices from companies that want you to promote their equipment by showing us how it works. This would not only earn you credibility and huge followership but would also fatten your pocket.


    Whether it is cooking, do-it-yourself (DIY) tasks like laundry, carpentry, doing makeup, fixing cars, teaching techy stuff like website design, etc. There are always people who want to learn how to do stuff by watching videos and you could make money off them by providing the needed content.

    Product Reviews
    Being a Product Reviewer can get you free items from companies who need their products put out there for promotional purposes and some good cash to follow it.


    All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy, goes the old saying. Nobody likes to be a Jack and this is why many people like to engage in some fun activity like watching comedy videos on YouTube.

    If you are funny, know how to prepare comedy skits, or can generally do anything to make people relax and laugh, then publishing comedy videos might be your gateway to YouTube financial freedom.

    Here in Nigeria, you can attest to the fact that comedians are living large off the high audience that they get from their funny videos, especially because they have monetized their channels. You might be the next if you take YouTube seriously.

    Start a Blog:

    Being a blogger is one of the easiest ways to make money from home. Unlike many other jobs that require a lot of time, blogging is quite different because you don’t need to work from an office space, you can blog right from your comfort zone at home.

    Fortunately, blogging comes with multiple revenue streams such as:

    Selling e-books on your blog

    Selling online courses

    Offer paid freelance services

    Make money from affiliatemarketing

    Display Google ads on your blog (Advertise products and brands)

    Start an e-commerce store (sell products on your blog)

    You can also create a paid private forum and sell tutorials and products

    Blogging allows you to work at any time you like and doesn’t take the whole day. It’s flexible also.

    But, you have to take note that nothing good comes easy, so blogging takes time and skill for you to start making money. Your best method of starting would be to design a blog and grow your audience.

    Start Affiliate Marketing:

    This one is a type of performance-based marketing in which businesses rewards a certain percentage of commission for each product bought by the customers who were referred by the affiliate marketing effort.

    Teach your Native Language

    Most of the people in today’s world are trying to learn new languages, and there are many new reasons for doing so.

    Some people want to improve their employability, some want to study or live overseas, some want to grow their business or just want to improve their travel experience.

    The point is, there is a knowledge market of online language learners who are willing to pay for language coaching. You should leverage this opportunity, teach the language you know to others online and earn some handsome money.

    To get started, you can check out iTalki.com – It’s an online platform which connects people willing to learn languages with others who can teach them.

    Become an online tutor:

    Due the to the growth of busy lifestyle of many people nowadays, people prefer to take online courses rather than the physical training.

    The rise in technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic. As a result, demand for online tutorial websites is growing really fast. So if you like to help others learn, online tutorial could be the earning ticket for you and you will be able to impact knowledge to the audience.

    Do URL Shortening:

    I am sure you have heard of URL/link shortening.

    But what you don’t know is…

    You can make money shrinking URLs and ensuring they get clicked.

    Link shortening is a product that will give you a better way to earn money online. There are different link shorteners out there but not all give you money.

    Other ways you can earn money online includes:

    . Cooking videos and share recipes.

    . Facebook marketing

    . Start a book review site

    . Develop a software

    . Become a Graphics Designer etc.

    With all of these listed, you can start making money online and earning income. One just has to be passionate about what he does and everything will be done right, following the right procedures.

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