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We Paint To Add Value,beauty And Make Your House Look Good.

Discussion in 'General Business' started by next2u, Feb 17, 2019.

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  1. next2u

    next2u New Member

    Painting is part of life and it has roles it is playing in building construction.We are professional painter that can help paint your project and carry out different designs that give your house a good and awesome look with nice color.

    Our goal is to ensure your building look good and decorative with different kind of paint color of your choice .

    We want to make your environment look cool,good ,attractive and also you get value for the money when your house is been paint to suit your taste.

    Painting is the finishing part of your building which have a lot of advantage on your building. Painting with quality paint and professional painter,also add value to your building.

    Before painting your house ,if the wall is rough,there must be preparation of the wall that will make the paint to be adhesive and last long when applying the right paint on the wall,we have different kind of paint

    Paint can be use to make different designs that equally add value to your building . We give professional advice , and we ensure the right preparation is done on the wall of your building,sand paper ,ensuring all the wall are ready for the paint that will give quality painting.

    We paint to add value,beauty and durability to your building Paint is part of building finishing, which is vita to the completion of a house,it equally add beauty,value and durability. Paint help to prevent damage to the building from sunlight,dust,water etc

    Living coast painting project,we help you design your property with various type of paint which help you to bring out the good design of the building.

    There are various type of paint which are: Emulsion paint,Satin paint,Stucco paint,Text coat,Flex,Magic paint,Mable paint

    EMULSION PAINT: This is called water paint, the common type of paint that is use in Nigeria There of different quality but for durability ,you must use quality paint if not ,you will waste money and your building painting will look old.

    SATIN PAINT:is a special kind of paint,it reflex,it last long, it cover with one coat and when it is dirty,it can easily be wash with soap and water.

    STUCCO PAINT:it is a special kind of paint,it is decorative paint,it reflex and shine

    TEXT COAT:it is a paint commonly use on the exterior part of the building and it contain stones

    FLEX PAINT :is special paint that show flower on the wall MAGIC PAINT: is a special paint that when apply on the wall, it shines like a star on the wall

    MARBLE PAINT:This is a special type of paint that is consist of 2 to 3 types of paint apply at the same time mixed together. For your new building,old building,renovated building, we are professional painter with many years of experience in painting industry.

    We give different designs.

    Call Mr Richard for your next painting of your houses,companies ,offices,shop .

    TEL:08024995989 call & whatsapp

    Email: livingcoastproject@gmail.com

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