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What Business Can I Start With 100,000 Naira In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Andrew, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Hello friends my name is ANDREW a proudnairan (Let the Naira Speak). This time is 100,000 (100k) business to start in Nigeria. What business can a hundred thousand naira start in Nigeria and where to start?.

    If you have an idea of what 100k naira can start to make more money in Nigeria then please share your idea below using the reply box, it will be very well appreciated.

    So many people are looking for business they can invest on with 100,000 naira that will be profitable but they lack the idea, this is why we are here to share business ideas with each others. Please try to include details how I can go into any business you will be suggesting. As well try to include profit rate of the business and risk involve and as well with requirements of the business.

    Thanks guys let's learn something new today and as well learn from each other.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
  2. Victor

    Victor Member

    You can start mini electronic business in Nigeria. For example Bluetooth speakers and and other small electronics.

    To archive this, you need to buy this products from importers and then look for a very busy location.

    Get a table and arrange all of your product there. You can get a big umbrella or something similar to cover if you are not allowed to build the place

    You can be playing one as example. I know of a guy doing this business in arena market in Oshodi. He has now extended his business and people are buying it everyday. And surprise you, I bought mine there.

    The wholesale of those Bluetooth speakers are within 3k while he resell them for 8,000 ( 8k ) and more. With 100 k you will have more than enough product to Starr with. You only need to search for a busy road or location.

    How to Sell Faster
    You can sell your speakers faster with the help of online. Sell them online faster by posting them on proudnaira sales section, jiji.ng, olx.com, and Facebook buy and sell group. With this online sales implementation you can make more money. As for me, I would even advice you as well render home delivery. So many students and youths are looking for things like this to keep them busy e.g me.

    You can advance you business to an extent of importing them yourself and supplying to retailers.

    How to Import Bluetooth Speakers
    You can import Bluetooth speaker's device from China. You cab send someone going there to help you order it or import from online through aliexpress or alibaba or madeinchina website and have them deliver to Nigeria. You can read more about alibaba and aliexpress here

    Hope this is helpful @Andrew? This is my own piece of contribution to this thread due to what i'm aware about.

    You can make up to 20k a week from this business if you are making good sales. Which means you can make over 80,000 (80k) monthly from this business.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
  3. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    You can as well consider mini restaurant business in a busy location in Lagos or any state in Nigeria. There are so many complex you cab sell your food, depend on your food taste and quantity. If you are the best in cooking then why not start this business. Even if you are not good in cooking you can hire experts.

    The way to start is easy and as follow.

    • First is for you to get a good cook.
    • Check on some popular complex or plaza's.
    • Look at the type of food that no one is selling there. If someone is already cooking rice and has already gain customers, it will not be much advisable to do same again or elsewhere the person is unable to cover for example is the complex is very big and the existing restaurant can't cover every where there. I will continue this later, i'm busy now.
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    You may consider popcorn production and supply to some individuals, retailers. This makes you a popcorn company.

    To start this business is not as difficult as you maybe thinking. All that is required to start are

    • Popcorn Machine
    • Your brand name
    • Brand logo
    • Nafdac approval (When growing big)
    • Nylon
    • Production Place (Do not need too big place. A room is OK).
    Produce large quantity and supply to retailers shops and outlets at wholesale price. Make your popcorn has great quality and taste. You do not have to start big, you can start small and grow big with time. All you need to to put your effort. With 100k you can start very comfortably acquire all that is needed and start large quantity production. You can as well hire supplies, people that help you supply to outlets and you may as well implement new market strategy for your popcorn business.

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