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What Business Can I Start With 15,000 To 20,000 In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Skyro, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    Hello friends on this forum. Please I need you kind advice on what business one can invest 15,000 to 20,000 Naira into in Nigeria that will be lucrative?.

    My friend is so desperate to use the small amount of money with him to start something new, and he wants 15k to 20k business advice. Thanks for your assistant.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    There are some small business you can start in Nigeria to make money with this mentioned amount but you must be ready to be hard working.. I will share some of the business with you shortly.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Nnu is paying of. You can invest there and have two or three account to be making money however that is not wise advice so i will suggest you look a busy location or bar then start roasted chicken business there. I know of someone who newly started this business along ikeja railway and he is making over 10k daily. He doesn't even stay a whole day. He go around 7pm till 9pm.
  4. Sincharde

    Sincharde New Member

    Best thing to do is have a Business Blog set up for you and partner with companies that will pay you to drive people to them. This is what i am doing right now.

    You can get a Business Blog that generates at least - $1000 every month for you.
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  5. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Wow.. Is this for real? How is it done bro? Can you create a thread on this topic to enlighten us better please.
  6. Tilda123

    Tilda123 New Member

    There are many ideas...Yiu can to choose what you want. What do you like? I can share my experience with you. I am an owner of a small store. I started with a little capital. I am engaged in trade. There are many products that I sell. These are things and cosmetics in the main. All products are brought from the USA. We bring products under the order of our clients too. I work with a customs broker, because it's convenient. Clearit https://clearitusa.com/ is my customs broker.
  7. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    familiar situation for me.
  8. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    I collected 18 000 dollars and thought for a long time how to multiply them. It was scary to start your own business. I thought it would not be profitable and I would have lost all my money. I decided to buy 1 bitcoin. They were not as popular as they are now. Two months later I sold my bitcoin twice as much and realized that this is the perfect business for me. Now I have enough money for all my needs. This team is really helped me in my efforts. After analyzing how much time we spend on trading, they decided to create a simplified trading system is understandable even for a beginner. ;)
  9. Jide

    Jide New Member

    Bro please enlighten me on this please
  10. alisa7

    alisa7 New Member

    As for me, I am currently using bolt fx trading which allows to trade and to make money without any investments. I prefer to make real money and that is why FX trading is a good option for me.
  11. ujoh

    ujoh Member

    Also see how you can start making steady extra living incomes of $100 daily on virta stock trading without you risking your money and your investment visit the website here http://www.virtatrade.com/index.php for more details
  12. Okadaddy

    Okadaddy New Member

    I will like to have more insight on this.

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