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What Date Do Nnu Pay Users That Earn?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Joy, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Joy

    Joy Member

    Hello friends, I want to know the date when nnu do payout to their users monthly. What specific date of the month do nnu pay those that earn money on their website? nnu.jpg
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not on nnu but I have so many friends that has taken it for their income and they have made lot of cash there. I heard from them that nnu starts payment from 27th to 30th of every month.

    According to them, before you can get paid you must fill in your payment details and when withdrawal form is open you need to click withdraw on your profile and fill and submit the form on that page and then wait for alert.
  3. Ada

    Ada Member

    Here is what they said

    Minimum payout is N5,000 naira threshold (Terms and condition applied). In most cases, affiliates / referral earners and top earners get paid first until available monthly revenue is finally exhausted. If you did not get paid while you have earned N5,000 threshold, it doesn't mean you wont get paid while the system keep running. You only need to earn more for you to have a share on the following month revenue payout. Withdrawal form is opened from 1st of the month to early morning 25th of every month while we start payout from 27th till the end of the month.
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  4. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah. I read this on their website as well. This is to say, according to nnu everyone who wish to collect his or her monthly earning must fill in their details before the giving date 25th. After that the person has to wait till the next month to get their money.
  5. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Nnu everywhere. So they really dey pay?
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  6. Ada

    Ada Member

    Na so we see ahm so oh.
  7. Joy

    Joy Member

    Today is 28th already. My payment history is showing that they have made 2 times transfer to my account but I check and there is nothing. Some amount was deducted from my earnings which I don't know why, 3k was removed.
  8. Ada

    Ada Member

    It's clear that some of us on nnu will not get paid. Beside a lot of complain has surface the internet where they slipt some people cash into two parts. Nnu only respect those people with blogs who wrote about nnu and ranking high on google. They are paying them in full and paid them on time. Because they feat they can destroy they reputation.

    Sad enough nnu is gone again.

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