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What Goes On During A Full House Inspection

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Omote, Sep 20, 2019.

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  1. Omote

    Omote New Member

    When looking to acquire a house that previously had owners or maybe is still new or never had occupants before, it is important to go through a full house inspection on the major and important aspects of the house. What good is a house if it looks good on the outside but the inside is so inhabitable? Therefore, you need to focus really well on this aspect of getting the house.Now, people might ask: What happens during the inspection? This is a good question and that is what I want to talk about on this. It is very important you know what is being inspected.

    The following are some of the things that a full inspection entails:

    STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS:One of the things that inspectors of a house take note of in a house whether or not the structure of the house is good. The elements which determine the structure of the house include the foundation of the home, the material used in building the house and no evidence of sagging on the outer walls. The foundation is a major thing because without a proper foundation, the house is prone to a future collapse. So ensuring a good and stable foundation is important.

    SAFETY:Another aspect of inspection is safety. Everybody wants to live in a house that is protected from unauthorized access to some extent and fast response to any possible dangers. Obviously nothing is perfect in life but with houses, you need to make sure that safety is not compromised at all. This means fire and smoke alarms work properly, sprinklers fitted and work properly, staircases are good, handrails are stable and not loose, all doors and garage handles work properly. Always ensure you inspect these main areas of the house.

    ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:Every house needs a good electrical system. This includes everything from small wirings in house to all the electrical appliances that would be used. It is important that the electrical system is good in the house so as not to cause any damage to any appliance and also the good functioning of many things in the house. When inspecting the electrical system of a house, the following are considered like good and up-to-standard wiring, circuit breakers, good outlets and proper working lights.

    PLUMBING SYSTEM:Every house has plumbing installations like toilets and bathrooms, showers, maybe Jacuzzis etc. The water flows round the house to where it is required and so they follow pipes to get to these installations. If any pipe is not placed properly or is not strong enough to withstand certain pressure, it might break and can cause water losses. This results in problems in plumbing system at the house. It is therefore important to inspect all pipes before going on with any deal.Kosidinna Umeigbo 2019

    Source; https://realtor.ng/blog/detail/5cc2e74bd4523f002eb736f0

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