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What To Do When You Can't Come Up With A Good Business Idea

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Aug 2, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    The biggest advantage any business owner has over his/her competitors in the market zone is his ability to come up with strategies and business ideas that can help pilot the business to the next level. It's no doubt anymore that business owners are everywhere and most of them are likely to be offering same services as you are offering to the public, it will be a big advantage for you to be able to produce nice business ideas that can make your business expand.

    But what happens when you are unable to figure out the right idea to use in your business? How do you deal with such challenges? It shouldn't be a big shame for you not to be able to come up with good business ideas for your company, because not every one can be gifted in solving problems. Don't just sit there and allow pride overwhelm you and your business, probably because you've gotten a big name in the market zone. So, you wouldn't want to mess it up by asking some few persons about their opinions and ideas to expand your business.

    You should know that no man is an Island, and you seeking opinions from trust worthy people shouldn't make you think less of yourself.

    A good business enterpreneur doesn't allow himself to be put down just because of what people are going to say about the steps he/she takes in his business. If that move is going to be helpful to your business, take it and untilize it in your business, and never let what anyone says discourage you from utilizing those ideas.

    The reason behind many business downfall is as a result of publicity, they want the public to know they are big and full of different marketing strategies that can make them even grow bigger. They stop to think for a second if that marketing strategy will definitely help them out in bringing the company to the next level or rather diminishing the growth of the company. Many business owners involve themselves and their business in risks, when everything turns out negative they begin to put the blame on the employees working under them.

    Don't allow the pride you have to crumble the business you've grown for so long; don't give the public what they want to see, rather give then what you have. Don't destroy the reputation of your business simply because you want to impress the public and gain name in the market zone. That will only destroy your business in the eyes of other business associate. If you are unable to come up with good business ideas for your business to grow, fine! Accept the fact that you lack a solution to your business one certain time and look for ways, you can get good business ideas.

    If you are a business owner and you lack the ideas to give to your business and you're completely short of what to do, then read through this thread and it will help show you some right things to do that will ensure your growth in your business. What do i do when I don't have a good business idea for my business? The answer to that lies below, So keep reading.

    1. Seek opinion from your staffs:
    the most important ability a business owner could possess is his ability to tackle problems with his staffs. Most times you never can tell if the business idea you are looking for can be given to you by one of your employees. It's best you call them to order and seek for their opinion, ask them what they feel is right for the company and how they feel the company is to be handled.

    Mind you, this doesn't change the fact that you are the boss, neither does it change the fact that you will be seen as the boss, rather it will give your employees the mindset that they are important in your company, and that you also trust in them and their gut, and you're ready to relate everything to them since you understand it isn't your company alone but theirs as well.

    If you are a beginner in the line of business and you are yet to come up with a good business plan, you can also follow the step above. Make enquires, seek opinions from people and believe in your self. Do not get scared or discouraged because there is too much competition in the market. Get your ideas right and back it up with determination and persistence.

    2. List out the ideas you can come up with :
    most times, listing the ideas we have inside could reveal the right one that is needed for the business at hand. When we list all the ideas we have got and carefully examine them one after the other. We are likely to come across one which can alleviate the business from a problem or add to the business growth. Don't just allow the ideas you've got to remain latent inside your head, list them out and go through them carefully.

    3. Understand what you want : another thing you could do when you don't know which idea to give, is to understand why you need an idea in the first place. That understanding will help you know where to place your thinking, and the chances for you to get an idea that matches what you are after will be muc, since the reason behind the thinking has been clear to you.

    4. Think :
    most times, the best way to come up with good ideas is to simply seat down quietly and think of what you want, how you want it and when you want it. This method will help establish a high value of creating idea, because your brain will always be ready to give out ideas that might be helpful. Sometimes, all you need to do to come up with fantastic ideas is a quiet time with yourself, so as to commune with your mind and brain at same time. This always ends up in the delivery of new ideas.

    5. Consult a business entrepreneur :
    if you think the ideas you came up with wasn't good enough for your business, then I would suggest you see an expert in business. These experts are likely to give you the best business ideas that you've never thought of, and they might also help in reviewing most of the ideas you could come up with to know if anyone will be of good use to your business...

    Don't allow publicity and other business associate to push you into taking rash decisions that you know nothing about. Always think of ways that you can bring new profitable ideas to your business that will benefit your business in all aspects. Be open minded and be free with everyone who wants to give you advise about your business, you never can tell where ideas might come from. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take every advice, just always make sure to listen and make use of the ones that are meaningful and important to you. Always keep in mind that "life is a learning process that no one gets out from."

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